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6 Holiday Projects That Use a Yard of Fabric

Christmas Table Linen
So, you found a cute Christmas fabric at your favorite store. What do you do with it? You can complete many clever and Christmas-y projects using a single yard of fabric and a few basic notions. The next time you see a whimsical pattern or a lovely print, go ahead and pick up a yard.
Learn six ways that you can create holiday magic with a yard of your favorite fabric.
1. Table Linens
Don't overspend on a holiday tablecloth or runner this season. A yard of fabric is the perfect size for an average-size dining table. If you have a much larger table, use the yard of fabric for a runner to accent your linens. You can use bias tape and a hot iron around the edges to prevent fraying so that you can launder and reuse the fabric year after year.
2. Cocktail Coasters
Make some cute cocktail coasters and napkins with a yard of cotton fabric. Simply cut around the edges with pinking shears to prevent fraying. These coasters are also excellent gifts for children to make for special aunts, uncles, grandparents, or teachers. Make a set of four and tie them with a holiday-colored ribbon for gifting. Make sure to supervise young children who are using scissors.
3. No-Sew Wreaths
Try your hand at a no-sew fabric wreath. These are created by tying strips of fabric around a metal ring. This is not just a great project for your yard of fabric but also an effective way to use up scraps and remnants that you might have in your sewing supplies. In addition, these no-sew wreaths are awesome projects for children of all ages. Follow these steps to make your wreath:
  • Bend a metal coat-hanger so that it is shaped like a circle, with the hanging loop on top.
  • Cut small one-half to one-inch wide strips out of your fabric.
  • Tie the strips on the ring, adding enough so that the wreath becomes full.
The top of the wire hanger makes it easy to hang and display the wreath anywhere in the home.
4. Gift Baskets and Wrap
A yard of fabric is perfect for lining gift baskets and adorning the tops of your homemade preserves, pickles, or other jarred goodies. Cut the fabric to fit and use ribbon to secure the fabric around the lids of jars. If you are using the fabric to line a basket, simply tuck your gifts on top of the fabric and wrap the entire basket in cellophane, if desired. If you want to save money, check area thrift stores for baskets this holiday season.
5. Holiday Ornaments
There are so many simple holiday ornaments that you can make with a piece of fabric - many of which don't require any sewing at all. Arm yourself with a glue gun, buttons, sequins, filler, and notions, and invite children to help you create some easy holiday ornaments to hang on the tree or to give as gifts.
6. Culinary Creations
Who knew that you could make something to wear from a single yard of fabric? Use your fabric to make an apron for all your holiday cooking and baking, and use an extra contrasting remnant for the pocket. This easy-to-sew creation also makes the perfect gift for anyone who spends time in the kitchen.
Not sure what to do with that yard of Christmas fabric? Try one of these six simple suggestions to create something special with a single yard of fabric. Visit Foam & Fabrics Outlet in western North Carolina to find inspiration and everything you need for these holiday projects.