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Create Custom Toys for Your Child With Fabric and Foam

Colorful Toys
Young children love to play with toys made of bright colors, patterns, and textures. If you like to sew and create unique designs, you can make custom toys for your child with fabric and foam.
Here are some designs that you can make especially for your child.
Felt Bulletin Board
To create a custom play surface, make a bulletin board out of wool or cotton felt. To do this easily, purchase a pre-stretched artist canvas at an art supply store.
Cut a piece of felt that is larger than the outside dimensions of the canvas. Lay the artist canvas face down on the on the felt, wrap it around the front and sides of the canvas, and staple it to the back of the canvas.
Attach metal picture hangers at the top corners of the bulletin board and hang it on a wall.
Felt Neighborhood
To teach your child about where they live, cut the shape of your home and garden out of wool or cotton felt. Your child can stick these shapes to the bulletin board to create their own stories.
When making these felt shapes, use a multi-purpose craft glue to attach buttons, beads, and other sewing notions to them. You can also cut out the shapes of your neighbors, their houses, pets, gardens, cars, and even your child's favorite characters from books.
Felt Faces
Young children like to look at people's faces. To create soft faces for them to play with, cut out large felt circles and ovals to make human heads. Use small pieces of colored felt to create facial features and hairstyles.
To make eyes for the faces, sew moveable plastic eyeballs used for stuffed animals onto small pieces of felt. To make mouths, draw and cut out lips on pieces of felt that are smiling, frowning, pouting, and speaking.
Your child can use all of these parts to create faces and facial expressions on their felt bulletin board.
Foam and Fabric Letters
To begin to teach your child how to read, introduce them to the alphabet. To do this, cut threedimensional letters of your child's name out of a thick sheet of foam.
Cover each of the foam letters with colorful fabric. Cut the fabric larger than the letters, wrap it around the letters, and sew it in place.
Because these letters are three-dimensional, your child can easily grasp them as you teach them what the letters are called and how they sound when pronounced. To stick these letters on the bulletin board, glue a piece of velcro on the back of each letter.
Foam Bath Shapes
To make your child's bath time a learning experience, cut letters, objects, and geometric shapes out of colored sheet foam.
Your child can play with these letters and shapes while in the bath and stick them to the sides of the tiled bathtub to make scenes and spell their own name.
Stackable Foam Rings
Another toy that you can make for your child is a series of five small to large stackable foam rings. Vary the size of these rings from 6 inches to 18 inches in diameter with a hole in the middle of each ring.
Cover these rings with colorful fabric, and embroider or appliqué your child's name around the outside edge so that it can be read when the rings are stacked. To stack the rings, make a fabric pole, fill it with foam, mount it on a thick foam sheet, and place it under the rings.
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