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Use Some Fine Fabric to Elevate Your Handcrafted Soaps

Soap Bar
Soapmaking is a big trend in the southeastern US right now, perhaps due in part to the year-round access to botanicals, oils, and essences widely found here. The next time you make a batch of your favorite handcrafted beauty products, consider how you could make the item stand apart from all of the others made across the Carolinas.

Whether you make soap for friends and family or you have a handcrafted soap business, you have many ways to enhance and elevate your products using fabric.

Wrap Them in Cotton 

Stitch terry or cotton to snugly fit around your bar of soap. Trim any edges and market the fabric-wrapped bar as a handcrafted bathing tool. The bubbles and soap residue will soak down into the material, much like a felted soap bar. When the soap becomes too small to be useful, use the entire washcloth, soap and all, to clean in the tub or around the house. The soap is an eco-friendly product.

Make Soap Sachets

Stitch soap pouches or muslin bags from fabric. Keep in mind that cotton breathes and is best suited to making these soap sachets. Fill these bags with leftover scraps of your homemade soap to make scented sachets for your shoes, closets, or drawers.

First grate or chop the soap up until it is a chunky consistency, and then add a couple tablespoons full to each bag. Tie or stitch each fabric pouch after filling for excellent items to give away or to tuck in gift baskets.

Brand Your Company

Consider using fabric to brand your soap company. Package your soaps in custom-cut squares or segments to wrap each of your soaps. When you figure the costs per yard compared to other packaging, this is a costeffective way to make a name for yourself. Many soaps store well with air circulation, which makes fabric wrappers or bands a clever and viable idea.

If you sell other products or if you want to upcycle soap bars into liquid soap, you can use fabric to make a lasting impression on your buyers. If shipping liquids, line the box with a carefully cut piece of fabric that bears a motif that relates to your brand. This also helps to protect your products during shipping and handling. Customers will appreciate the care and protection that this tactic provides.

Create Beautiful Egg Baskets

Save some leftover fillable Easter eggs after the holiday to make your own egg-shaped soap. Line a rustic thrift store basket with these unique soaps to sell at fairs or markets. While you could make your eggs dinosaur-like, you may also choose conventional eggs that will create a unique focal point in your store or for your website.

Make Your Own Soap Eggs
  • Simply secure a small toy dinosaur - or other trinket - in the center of one-half of the egg.
  • Carefully fill with melted soap scraps.
  • Keep upright until firm, and then fill the other empty half of the egg.
  • Place the firm half on top and tape to secure.
  • Chill until firm, then carefully unmold and fill your basket!
These eggs are sure to delight soap buyers.

Use Fabric and Soap for Your Photos and Press

Another pragmatic way to elevate your soaps with fabric is through photography; use fabric for the background in professional-looking photos that capture what you sell. Since online selling is such a practical and popular option for many, make your product stand out from the crowd. Never take photos in haste. Take time to drape fabric, adjust lighting, and find the best shots of your soaps.

Want to elevate and enhance the quality and appearance of your soap? Visit Foam & Fabrics Outlet for the materials needed to create some unique wrapping and packaging ideas. Make your soaps stand out with fabric!